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Discover our shop area at the Cité in Mâcon

Our mission is the promotion of both the Mâconnais and the regional terroir. Discover the region’s producers through our wide selection of products, including fashion, well-being, books and local products. Thanks to our local suppliers, we invite you to discover the regional brands that best represent the know-how of the Mâconnais area.

Also available is the Cité’s textile collection and a variety of accessories from the world of wine.

Go to the foyer of the Cité in Mâcon to discover the selection offered in our shop. Access to the shop is free, no entry ticket is required.

3 sites, 3 boutiques

Each of our shops highlights its area’s talents. Find specific local products at each site. No entry ticket is required: access is free to the lobby shop areas of the Cités in Chablis, Beaune and Mâcon.