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Visitor trails

Three sensory journeys in the heart of Bourgogne’s wine country

Place Chablis, Beaune, Mâcon
Duration from 45mn
Tasting Wine tasting included
Audience all
Language Multiple languages
visitor trails

Dive into the fabulous history of the world’s most famous wines

Each of the Cités offers a visitor trail that is organised into three major parts , allowing a genuine multi-sensory dive into the world of wine, and a discovery of the riches of this great vineyard area that has been shaped by mankind.

a step-by-step discovery

Bourgogne, the region...

Its history, its soils, its mosaic of landscapes and terroirs...

The vineyard plots, the Climats...

This unique model of terroir-based viticulture in Bourgogne...

Grape bunches, wines...

Single varietals, vineyard work, the art of winemaking, cooperage, aromas, the subtlety and the elegance of the wines, tasting, conviviality, culture and traditions...

Along the trail, you will be able to listen to a story, interact with the various multimedia devices, nose the palette of aromas and learn about tasting. All your senses will be awakened to help you experience and understand this unique 2000 year-old wine culture.

Each visit ends with an introduction to tasting of wine from the Cave de Prestige selection (selected by the Bourgogne winegrowers).


A space dedicated to Bourgogne’s vineyard Climats

On the visitor trail in Beaune, a space is dedicated to the natural landscape of Bourgogne’s vineyard Climats, classed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2015.

younger visitors

A visitor trail specially designed for children

A special kids route is integrated into the main trail. It sheds light on the history of Bourgogne’s vineyards: the fossils, the vineyard cycle, the grapes, the animals… This route, marked out by 7 small cabottes, or vineyard shelters, will allow the youngest visitors to enjoy learning through fun, immersive, multi-sensory experiences.

The route concludes with a tasting of grape juice.


The little extras

The largest

The largest scenographic space in France, dedicated to the history of the Climats and wines of Bourgogne


In Beaune, a space dedicated to the inclusion of the Bourgogne’s vineyard Climats in the UNESCO World Heritage list


A tasting of wine (or grape juice) included in the ticket price


A visitor trail designed specifically for children

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Also discover

After completing the visitor trail, we invite you to build on the experience by taking part in one of our activities or by benefiting from of our various services.

Tasting workshops

Take part in our workshops to learn the basics of tasting or hone your knowledge of Bourgogne wines.


Wine tourism tips

Each Cité has its own area devoted to wine tourism, offering advice to help you plan your stay in Bourgogne.


Guided tours

We offer various guided tours: tour following the visitor trail, themed visit, visit and entertainment...

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Where would you like to begin your journey through the History of Bourgogne wines?

Discover Bourgogne’s unique 1000-year-old vineyards with the help of our three dedicated visitor trails.